JADE the first pillowcase in 100% Crêpe satin produced exclusively in Como.

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Silk is a 100% natural fiber, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory that we have been working in our silk company in Como for three generations.

Given its characteristics, we have created JADE, the luxurious pillowcase in 100% silk crêpe satin (entirely worked on Lake Como), to pamper your skin and hair during the night.

Therefore, thanks to its properties, sleeping on a pillowcase in pure silk, smooth and soft, helps to avoid the formation of ‘sleep wrinkles’ which over time can become real wrinkles and reduces the friction of the hair on the pillow which, sliding on the smooth surface they do not break and remain healthy and shiny.

Silk is suitable for all seasons, its being thermoregulatory makes it suitable for use both in summer, it is fresh and welcoming, and during winter, helping to remove the feeling of cold.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and therefore able to reject all external agents that can cause allergies.


Our silk production is certified ‘For Textile’ (evolution of the Seri.co brand), i.e. it respects environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.

Have a good and healthy night.


SIZE XL fits all pillows

N.1 pillowcase per pack

COLOUR: cream, natural color of silk

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