Silk is a natural fiber produced by the Bombyx Mori (Latin: “silkworm of the mulberry tree”): it is composed of two flosses of a protein called Fibroin, the typical silk thread we all know, and of another protein known as Sericin.

In Como, which for years has been the home of silk, J.AND.C. COSMETICI has developed a method to produce exclusively worldwide, in the family silk company, la Integral Sericin which unlike the other Sericins on the market has a superior quality, is formed by an entire molecule that contains an amino acid chain called Sericin M which has the ability to regenerate skin tissue by 250% in 72 hours.
As the chemical structure of skin keratin closely resembles Fibroin, Integral Sericin perfectly links to our skin, starting to treat it as if it were a silk thread: therefore, on one hand it protects it, prolonging its moisture; on the other hand, it creates some kind of bridge in order to restore the damaged skin tissue.
Legend tells us that, during the ‘degumming’ process when the cocoons were plunged into hot water, so to foster the separation of sericin from Fibroin, the skin on the hands of elderly workers in Japanese silk factories was young and soft, though they were constrained to keep their hands under water most of the time.

Stand out are the span antiaging qualities of Integral Sericin, its non-occlusive film-forming properties are in fact able to attenuate the small roughness of the skin, keeping it elastic, deeply hydrating and protecting it.

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