J.AND.C COSMETICI was born in Como from a revolutionary conception, bearing Giada Mieli’s signature: she’s part of the third generation of entrepreneurs in the silk field, who considered, in 1999, to delve into the ancient beauty benefits of silk, not worn as a dress, but as a new, second skin.

She is the owner of the unique plant in the whole world capable of extracting – from the best silk threads of choice only – the Integral Sericin, acknowledged in an international research study by researchers from the Tokyo University as “the one and only effective cure for skin regeneration”.
“This is no miracle of technology,” – Giada Mieli states – “It is a reality of nature, kept among the secrets of the medical and cosmetic tradition from Ancient China and Ancient Japan. These are models by which women from all over the world drew inspiration over the centuries. I have grown up listening to the stories told by my grandfather about princesses from the Eastern imperial dynasties and I dreamt about one day having skin and hair as they do. At last, after several years of research and development, not only have I fulfilled my dream, I have also made real the most played out claim in the history of advertisement: ‘Your skin as soft as silk’. At last, nowadays we can really experience this reality, thanks to the cutting-edge beauty line Luxury Silk Style designed by J.AND.C.
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